How to Make a Screen Saver on an iPhone or iPad

Creative minds generate creative ideas, so we want to capture our creativity. We accept that if you do something on your iPhone such as playing games or drawing artwork and you want to help your friend get past the level of the game, or it will also design the same artwork then you have to screen your iPhone screen, then you do. explore how to capture your iPhone Screen over the internet. So in this article, you will learn How to Screen Record on iPhone, iPad, iPod. Here we will talk about 5 Best Screen Recorder for iPhone or iPad.

An iPhone is a mobile device that is used by millions of people all over the world. Here you should know that some apps do not allow capturing their interface, so you cannot register that app. You can also use third-party apps for screen recording on your iPhone.

What to Know Before Screening an iPhone Screen?

  • Your iPhone device is running on at least iOS 11 or higher.
  • You should add a screen saver button in the control center.
  • Check the status of the microphone on / off according to your need.

How to add a Screen Menu button in the Control Center

You should make sure that the screen button is in your Control Center. If you are using an iPhone X or later swipe down from the top right corner to open the Control Center, or swipe up if you have an iPhone 8 or earlier. If you do not have the screen button, which looks like a dot. with a circle around it. Here’s how you can add:

Steps to Add a Screen Recording button in the Control Center:

1. Open Settings on your iPhone

2. Tap Control Center

How to add a Screen Menu button in the Control Center

3.Scroll down and tap on + Screen capture (Tap on More Control or Customize Control (depending on your iOS) if the direct option is not available)

How to add a Screen Menu button in the Control Center

Some useful articles:

1.Screen Record on iPhone using built-in Screen Recorder

Before registering your iPhone screen, make sure your iOS is running on at least iOS 11 or higher. You already added a screen record button in the control center, and your iPhone also has enough space to store the file. If you want to record your screen without any interruptions please turn on the Do Not Disturb. Note-> This process is similar for both iPhone and Pad.

Steps to Screen Record on iPhone using Built-in Screen Recorder:

1. Play Games or open a website or anything You want to register.

2. Open the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad (Swipe up to pull up the Control Center menu for iPhone 8 or earlier or drag down the menu from the top right corner for iPhone X or later).

How to Make a Screen Saver on an iPhone or iPad

3. Before you start recording, touch and hold the Record gray button, tap on the microphone to turn your microphone on / off.

How to Make a Screen Saver on an iPhone or iPad

4. Tap on Start Registration, then wait for the three-second countdown. To exit the screen, Tap anywhere on the screen, then tap the next screen to close the Control Center.

How to Make a Screen Saver on an iPhone or iPad

5. To pause your Screen Saver, open Control Center and tap the red Table button, or tap the red status bar at the top of your screen and tap Stop.

Note-> You can view your screen recording in a photo app.

Table 2.Screen on iPhone using Techsmith Capture

If you’ve ever recorded your computer screen, you might recognize the Camtasia from TechSmith. TechSmith capture allows you to not only record your screen, but like other apps, it will record your microphone so you can add comment or voiceover to your videos. Record videos are saved in a well-organized library in the app where you can edit, delete and share them. If you use Camtasia on your PC or Laptop, you can also share your videos directly from your iPhone / iPad to your computer without ever leaving the app.

Download the techsmith book.

3.Screen Record on iPhone using Record It !: Screen recorder

Sign it up! A screen recorder allows you to record your screen and audio at the same time, but it also allows you to record your front camera to capture your on-screen views. It’s helpful if you create videos for YouTube or other social media sites like Instagram as it allows your audience to see your face while you talk, and see your screen at the same time. You can also import old recordings from your video library and add video reviews, audio reports, and other notes.

Download Register it!

4.Screen Record on iPhone using Screen Recorder Livestream

You can record or broadcast your screen to various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch. Livestream Screen Recorder has a powerful video editor that lets you crop, trim or merge your video recordings. If you want to add your watermark to your videos, this app allows you to create custom watermarks. It also has a whiteboard feature, which is great for showcasing your design and painting skills.

Download Screen Recorder Livestream

5.Screen Record on iPhone using Screen Recorder + Video Editor

If you are looking for a free screen recorder with front camera and audio with video editor you may like this screen recorder. allows its user to add filters and music and FREE AD experience with No Watermarks. After recording, you can crop, trim, or change the speed of your video. make your video more engaging with rich text, filters, effects and music. Add image, shape, and sticker overlay. In this app, you can hide your information with the blur tool. You can also import any cookies for editing, blending, cam response, and more.

Download Screen Recorder + Video Editor


So, here are some quick and effective ways to record iPhone or iPad screen with or without built-in screen recorder. We hope you found the step-by-step guide we talked about helpful.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1.How do I apply for Screen Recording?

Ans-> to turn on screen recording, open a control center from the iPhone drag-and-drop screen, and tap the Screen Recording icon.

Q2.Can you record a screen on an iPhone without an app?

Ans-> Yes, you can record a screen on an iPhone without an app because iPhone offers its users a built-in screen recorder.

Q3.Does iPhone already have screen recording?

Ans-> Yes, iPhone has a screen recorder app.

Q4.How do I record video and audio on my iPhone?

Ans-> To record video and audio on your iPhone do these steps: Open control center> Touch and hold the Lock screen button, tap on the microphone to turn on your microphone> Tap Start recording.

Q5.Why did not save my screen saver?

Ans-> it may be possible that your storage is full, Remove unnecessary files from storage and again record your video and check the image directory to see the archived files.

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